Vetpro Quick-lyte Electrolyte

Quick-lyte paste is a combination of electrolytes and chelated minerals formulated in a single dose syringe. One 30ml dose syringe replaces the electrolytes lost in 2 litres of sweat. Because the electrolytes in Quick-lyte are present in a highly absorbable form, they are rapidly absorbed from the horse’s stomach. Quick-lyte uses a patented carrier that ensures the stability of the electrolytes and minerals during storage and also gives the product its free-flow properties that make it easy to use.

After taking Quick-lyte, horses have a strong desire to drink so it is important that fresh drinking water is made available. This makes Quick-lyte ideal to use before and after long float trips. How often do you hear of horses who won’t drink when they travel away from home? Quicklyte will trigger a response to drink and often then to eat.

Some indications for using Quick-lyte include:

  • 8 to 12 hours before intense exercise
  • 1 to 2 hours after intense exercise
  • Regularly during hot summer months
  • When horses won’t take electrolytes in their feed
  • Endurance Recovery Stops
  • After transportation

Quick-lyte also contains Iron Gluconate as well as Zinc, Copper chelate, all essential minerals for red blood cell production. Chelated minerals are more easily absorbed than ordinary minerals as they do not compete with each other for absorption sites across the gut wall. In addition, chelated means the presence of iron in Quick-lyte has no effect on adsorption of the minerals.

Active Ingredients Per 30ml dose:
Potassium 3776mg
Sodium 2832mg
Chloride 7791mg
Calcium 250mg
Magnesium 78mg
Iron 17mg
Zinc 3mg
Copper 2.8mg
VitaminE 150iu