SOA Itch Be Gone Soap 300gm

This 100% natural product is suitable for horses, dogs and all other animals and pets. Giant sized bar soap means concentrated product with less fillers eg water.

Stop the itching and rubbing cycle associated with Queensland Itch, Sweet Itch, Hot Spots, Mange, Ring Worm and other allergic skin conditions as well as dermatitis. Also great for tick, flea, mite and bug bites. It provides immediate relief and cleans, soothes and softens skins for a quicker recovery.  Safe to use on sensitive skin.  

Used to provide immediate relief from itching and very effective for:

  • Irritable skin
  • constant chewing areas
  • tail rubbing
  • insect bite areas
  • irritable neck and belly areas
  • hot spots
  • mange mites
  • tick and mosquitos bite

Large 300g bar (approx 10 full horse washes per bar) 

For mild skin irritation rinse area with water, wash and apply on skin as a lather. Leave on for 1 to 5 minutes then rinse.  Extreme skin challenges:  Apply as a heavy lather and leave on (do not rinse off) and repeat treatment for 3-5 days.  Once your itch is under control just repeat when needed.  Contains all natural ingredients so it is safe for sensitive skin.

Active ingredient: Ocean Sulphur

Other ingredients: Sea Salt (sodium chloride), Aloe Vera, Certified Sustainable Palm-Kernel Oil & Olive Oil