HSE Hot Oil Coat Conditioner

♦ Enhance shine & coat texture
♦ Improve quality of hair & skin
♦  Rapidly restore depth of colour after clipping
♦ Revive dull, dry & sunburnt hair instantly
♦ Restore & maintain the skins natural protective lipid barrier
♦ Promotes waterproofing & soothes itching
♦ Non dust attracting
♦ Versatile & economical
♦ Easy to use
♦ Cuts grooming time in half
♦ Silicone & Paraffin free

Conditioning & Shine ‘par excellence’

HSE Hot Oil Coat Conditioner is Australia’s leading coat oil conditioner.  It is a water soluble blend of premium natural oils specifically formulated for equine hair and skin that delivers amazing and immediate results… healthy skin, healthy hair and Spectacular Shine.  This oil is a concentrate and designed to be mixed with warm or cool water and used as a leave on rinse, wash or grooming spray.  When mixed with water, this beautiful creamy oil spreads evenly and does not leave greasy streaks, it is non dust attracting so makes a perfect quartermarking spray as well.

HSE Hot Oil allows complete flexibility for the horse owner to tailor a conditioning treatment to every type of coat in any condition, in any season.  HSE Hot Oil a ‘must have’ post clipping treatment to keep horses skin protected and comfortable.  Once you’ve tried it, you’ll wonder how you ever groomed without it.  Regular Hot Oil treatments keep the skin balanced, restores the essential skin lipid barrier after shampooing, lifts & removes dirt, dander & dead skin cells, provides a protective barrier against irritants, insects, sweat and gear rub, and makes grooming easy and effective.

As a concentrate HSE Hot Oil provides exceptional economy… a litre bottle makes up to 12 full body treatment rinses (large horse)and up to 20 litres of ready to use grooming spray!

First impressions really do count.  Often the first thing we notice about a horse is a beautiful glowing coat, particularly in the competition arena.  Hot Oil Coat Conditioner will have your horses coat looking and feeling incredible… fast.