Green Guard Grazing Muzzle

The innovative horse grazing muzzle! The Greenguard horse grazing muzzle is perfect for horses that need extra help reducing their food intake. The patented design of the Greenguard grazing muzzle, with no opening in the centre, does not allow horses to graze easily through the middle of the muzzle. The design also allows for easy breathing and drinking while being worn.

Why would a square muzzle work on a rounded horse nose? Pressure points on the horses nose can impact their air intake, so the square rigid design of the Greenguard grazing muzzle allows a lot of room across the nostril of the horse.

If you have an ‘easy keeper’, then the Greenguard grazing muzzle is the perfect way to keep your horse happy while reducing their grass intake. With multiple intake spots (front, side, and back) the horse has to work to get food (similar to using a slow feed hay net) and it also reduces the wear on the muzzle in a single place.

***GreenGuard Halter can be purchased separately.

Sizes Mini/small pony (3.5 inch), pony/small cob (4 inch) and horse/large horse (5 inch) – Use the bit size of your horse as a guide (not their halter size).

The patented Greenguard grazing muzzle is the best option for reducing intake without restricting breathing or drinking.
The rigid basket squared design is perfect for horses as it does not sit on the nostril, allowing complete air flow to the nose. With 4 straps, the muzzle is completely adjustable to the length of nose of your horse, and if they happen to break them, are easily replaced.
Other key features:
* Rigid design means it is less likely to rub
* Does not absorb water like web muzzles so reduces chance of rubbing
* More even wear over time as it has multiple holes (the horse does not focus on just the one hole in the middle)

HOW TO USE - thanks to one of our clients for this video of one idea how to fit them

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