Dynavyte Equiette

Equiette is a natural product that may be useful for people wishing to reduce anxiety in their animal or assist in “taking the edge off” to allow their animal to be more predictable when undertaking a range of activities, such as floating, shoeing, training etc.

Equiette is made from a variety of herbs and does not contain any ingredients that are responsible for sedating an animal. Being a herbal product, Equiette is best given four hours before the activity to allow for maximum absorption and distribution via the blood system.

Dosage: 15mL- 30mL per 500kg bodyweight.  Give 20-40 minutes before exercise or travel.  May be repeated in 5-6 hours if required.

Active ingredients: Withania Somnifera Extract 102mg/mL, Humulus Lupulus Extract 264mg/mL, Chamomile Extract 138mg/mL, Thiamine mononitrate 20mg/mL
Withholding period: NIL
Does not contain any FEI prohibited substances as per the January 2018 Register.
ACVM Registration NZ exempt.