CanineCare Probiotic

How it works?

Our amazing formula for horses is now available in sizes especially suited for dogs. CanineCare Probiotic is a proprietory blend of GRAS listed (generally recognized as safe) beneficial microbes. They work together in a number of ways, to outcompete the pathogens that cause bacterial and fungal skin conditions on your dog.  Some of the processes at work include… - Occupation or Colonisation…the good bugs occupy the space so pathogens have no where to go.  -Predation…the good bugs eating the bad ones, this is a normal life cycle for microbes, as we increase the beneficial microbes it happens faster than it normally would. -Quorum Sensing...the numbers game, when enough beneficial microbes are introduced the pathogenic microbes response is to switch off and admit defeat.  Basically the quorum has swung the other way. 

 Common skin conditions in dogs that may be assisted with this product

Hot Spots (Acute moist dermatitis)


Interdigital pododermatitis

Superficial Pyoderma

Yeast Dermatitis or Malassezia dermatitis

We recommend you don’t use other topical products with CanineCare Probiotic as many of these will have antibacterial or antifungal properties which will eliminate our "good guys". This includes many natural oils and lotions as well as washes.

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