Coat Finisher Travel



Coat Finisher Travel


COAT FINISHER is a show polish as well as a mane and tail conditioner.

It gives the horse a distinctive shine for the show ring or simply for showing off!  Ingredients such as oat protein help repair damaged hair and lavender and rosemary help to soothe the horse.

This product will not leave the hair feeling dry or “strawy”. In addition, COAT FINISHER works well to condition and maintain horse hair products and switches. COAT FINISHER has been developed using naturally derived materials so it does not need to be washed out after use.


Gives the horse a distinctive non-slip shine for the show ring.

  • Silicon free so it repels dirt and hay minimising build-up.
  • Spray-on, leave in conditioner leaving coat, mane & tail soft with a brilliant finish.
  • Helps to detangle mane & tail.
  • Oat proteins help to repair damaged hair.
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