About Us

Coming back into riding after a 25+ year break certainly makes you realise how much times have changed. The amount of grooming products, feed supplements and horse and rider apparel that is now available was quite mind blowing! Surely there had to be an easier way to keep our horses looking and feeling great, and for us as riders to have comfortable and functional apparel?After a bit of trial and error we have finally found some wonderful products that simplify feeding, grooming and horse care regimes and allow us to ride in comfort, no matter the discipline or the weather. When the initial opportunity arose to be the Southland/Otago distributor for EquiScentials and Dynavyte, and turn a passion into a business, I thought why not? From there Excel Equine has grown steadily, and we now wholesale and retail a range of products .

We have the NZ Wide Distribution rights for the Performa Ride Riding tights, that have proved very popular since they have been in NZ. Along with the Performa Ride Range we also have the Magloc and HorseCrocz products that we sell and distribute Nationwide.
We have the Southland/Otago region distribution for Dynavyte NZ and also retail the EquiScentials range of grooming products.
All of our products are available to purchase online, but we have a list of the Performa Ride, Magloc and HorseCrocz retailers available on our stockists page if you would like to buy locally.Our Performa Ride range of products continues to expand, not all items are available in stores, but we will add them to our website as they come into stock. During the season we will be out competing our own horses, and attending trade shows and expos, predominately throughout the South Island with the occasional visit to the North Island as well.
The bonus to all of this is that these the products have all of our horses looking and feeling great, and now the riders too with our range of Riding Tights. We are continuing to expand on the products we stock and are always looking for good quality products to help service our ever expanding client base.